Monthly Archives: December 2014

The theft of the butterfly-patterned tray

birthday cakeThis weekend, Jim and Jane came to visit, so we had an excellent cake (though I do say so myself) to celebrate Jim’s birthday.  Albert is very fond of cake too and by the time we were all packing up to leave had decided that it was actually his cake, but he would give Jim a small piece to take home with him.  Poor Jim.  In the end, by a careful four-person slight-of-hand manoeuvre we managed to leave Albert a few pieces of said cake and spirit away the rest…

Three very similar emails from Albert this morning, “Jim and Jane have stolen my butterfly-patterned tray. They probably took it when they stole my birthday cake. Have they hidden it in your house?”

Having spoken to Jim and Jane, they claim that they haven’t stolen any trays, but are enjoying the cake 🙂

Time, I think, for an emergency Lidl Raspberry Brandy Liqueur. I knew they would come in handy.