Is it ethical to blog about the funny things that one’s ‘caree’ says whilst suffering from dementia?  That’s the question that I’ve been pondering these past few weeks before launching in with my first post on Saturday.

I don’t want to look as though I’m mocking my poor caree.  I wouldn’t like to offend members of my family or circle of friends and acquaintances. I am certainly not laughing at dementia – it’s no laughing matter. But is it possible to laugh a bit through it?

I’ve decided that yes.  Added to that, ‘Albert’ has always loved being the centre of attention. I think that in reality he would quite enjoy being the focus of a whole blog.

So I have anonymized this blog quite heavily.  You won’t know my name or that of the ‘caree’ who I am describing.  You won’t know where we live or who our family members are.  You won’t even know the real gender of the people described, or the one doing the describing.

All the same, the anecdotes are real.  They are real quotes or incidents from a real situation and I hope that despite the nastiness of dementia and the everyday stresses for sufferers and carers, the little absurdities of life will break through.

If you are living through a similar situation, there will be plenty of times when you feel like crying, screaming, throwing things, shouting…  but sometimes… you may as well laugh.


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